In Memory of
Sophie Caroline Wickins
Sophie Caroline Wickins


This website was established in memory of Sophie Caroline Wickins by friends, fellow residents, staff and faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. It contains photographs taken at events and social occasions with her between 2010 and 2013. Thoughts and presentations from the Memorial Service held at The Baughman Center on February 27, 2013 can by accessed by clicking on the photograph to the right.
Memorial Service
Memorial service

Photos with Sophie

Residents with Mike Garner, September 2010
Pathology Residents with
Mike Garner in September 2010
Left to Right: Serena Craft, Bill Craft, Mike Garner, David Toplon, Sophie Wickins, Hirotaka Kondo
EM Course University of Georgia 2012
Residents at the EM Course at
the University of Georgia in 2012
Left to Right: Sophie Wickins, Angelique Leone, Serena Craft, Bill Craft
ACVP Seattle Pikes Place Market 2012
Touring Pike Place Market in Seattle
at the 2012 ACVP Meeting
L to R: Jennifer Owen, Serena Craft, Sophie Wickins, Shannon Roff
CL Davis Reception at 2012 ACVP Meeting
CL Davis Reception, 2012 ACVP Meeting
in Seattle

Resident Party 2011
Fall Party, 2011
L to R: Jaimie Miller, Sophie Wickins and Shannon Roff
Poster at EPI Meeting 2011
Presenting Research Poster at the
Emerging Pathogens Symposium in 2011
Lunch at Chopstix 2012
Lunch at ChopStix in 2012
L to R: Angelique Leone, Julia Conway, Jeff Abbott, Shannon Roff, Hirotaka Kondo, Mike Dark, Sophie Wickins
Sophie and Angelique at 2012 SEVPAC
Sophie and Angelique at the
2012 SEVPAC Dinner
Florida Group Photo at the 2012
SEVPAC Dinner in Tifton, Georgia

Top L to R: Hirotaka Kondo, Sophie Wickins, Angelique Leone, Bill Craft. Bottom L to R: Julia Conway, Claus Buergelt, Serena Craft
Phi Zeta Day 2012
Research Presentation at 2012 Phi Zeta
Research Emphasis Day
Descriptive Course LSU 2012
Residents Dining at the 2012
LSU Descriptive Pathology Course
Georgia Road Trip 2012
Photo Opportunity on Road Trip to
Athens Georgia in 2012
Holiday Photos 2012
Photo Fun at the 2012
College Holiday Lunch
CL Davis Award 2012
Sophie Receives a
2012 CL Davis Scholarship Award
In Seattle
Residents with John King 2012
Pathology Residents with
John King in 2012
Tifton 2011
Claus Buergelt, Angelique Leone and
Sophie Wickins at 2011 SEVPAC
Tifton, 2012
Florida Group at 2012 SEVPAC Dinner
Presenting at Tifton, 2012
Sophie presenting her case at
2012 SEVPAC in Tifton, Georgia
Tifton, 2011
Florida Group Photo at 2011 SEVPAC
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posted 11 March 2013, Updated 31 March 2013