June 24-28, 2012

I attended the Society of Toxicologic Pathology meeting in Boston, MA from June 24 through 28 and used free time to take in a few of the usual tourist sites. Boston has a great public transit system, and the subway and bus sytem (T) took me all over town very inexpensively. This year's STP meeting was focused on basic mechanisms of toxicity.

All photos were taken with an Olympus E-PL3 micro four thirds camera and the following Olympus and Panasonic lenses: 12mm f/2; 20mm f/1.7; 45mm f/1.8 and 9-18mm f/4-5.6

P6240269_Old_State_House P6240271_Faneiul_Hall P6240275_Quincy_Market
After Sunday arrival, I came up from the
State Street Orange Line T (subway) at
the Old State House
Faneiul Hall at Quincy Market Quincy Market
P6240283_Performer_Quincy_Market P6240291_Performer_Quincy_Market P6240298_Performer_Quincy_Market
Street performer at Quincy Market:
She had us at "Hello"
Street performer at Quincy Market Street performer at Quincy Market
P6240301_QuincyMarket P6240345_Street_Musician&Friend P6240351_T_State_St
Quincy Market Street Musician and Friend Orange Line T stop at State Street
P6240357_T_station_Back_Bay P6240359_Marriott P6240372_Christian_Science_Church_Prudential_Center
Public space in Orange line T station
at Back Bay
Atrium Lobby at the Marriott
convention hotel
After the STP Reception, I took a walk to
Cambridge along Massachusetts Ave.
Christian Science Church and Prudential
Center in the background
P6240376_Boston_Harvard_bridge P6240378_Boston_Harvard_bridge P6240384_Boston_Harvard_bridge
Charles River and Boston from the
Harvard Bridge near MIT
Charles River and Boston from the
Harvard Bridge near MIT
Charles River and Boston from the
Harvard Bridge near MIT
P6250411m_kevin_Keenan_Marlon_Rebelatto P6250417m_kevin_keenan P6250440m_Gerald_Dorn
Monday, STP meeting:
Kevin Keenan loads stage props on the
podium for his talk on
toxicology studies
in obese rodents as session chair,
Marlon Rebelatto, looks on
Kevin Keenan Gerald Dorn discussing molecular
mechanisms of apoptosis and
programmed necrosis in

P6250445_Shashi_Ramaiah_Bruce_Homer P6250448_Josh_Powe_Rachel_Cooper P6260464_m_Rusty_Thomas
Former Floridians, Shashi Ramaiah
and Bruce Homer during a break
Josh Powe and Rachel Cooper helped
me evaluate the cuisine at Giacomo's
Tuesday morning session:
Rusty Thomas discusses use of
genomics dose-response analysis
in chemical risk assessment
P6260480m_Nancy_Everds P6260498_Edward_Thaxter_Meg_Merrilies P6260505_Fine_Arts_Museum
Nancy Everds discussed effects of
large molecules on blood cells
Tuesday afternoon free at the Museum
of Fine Arts: Edward Thaxter's Meg
Boston Museum of Fine Arts:
Impressionists and Rodin
P6260512_Fine_Arts_Museum P6270526m_Union_Church P6270542_hall
Boston Museum of Fine Arts Union Church across the street from my
room at The Christopher in Back Bay
Wednesday Morning Session
P6270546_josh_mary P6270548_nancy_everds_gary_boorman P6270555_Julian_Preston
Millenium Pharmaceutical colleagues:
Josh Powe and
Mary Carsillo
STP Past Presidents:
Nancy Everds and Gary Boorman
Julian Preston discussing principles
of DNA reactivity and genetic toxicity
in chemical carcinogenesis
P6270597_RobertGouldShaw_Mass_54th_regiment P6270598_statehouse P6280616_David_Warheit
A late Wednesday afternoon walk to
Beacon Hill brought me to the memorial
for Robert Gould Shaw and the
Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment
popularized in the film, Glory
Massachusetts State House
on Beacon Hill
Thursday Morning: David Warheit
gives an overview of toxicologic
principles in nanotechnology
P6280630_Melissa_Schutten P6280639_Scott_Barrow P6280640_NE_Aquarium_Banggae_Cardinalfish
Melissa Schutten discusses
Antibody-drug conjugate toxicology
Scott Barros finishes the meeting
with a discussion of preclinical
toxicology with RNA-based therapeutics
New England Aquarium:
Banggai cardinalfish

P6280649_NE_Aquarium_Leafy_Seadragon P6280664_Boston_Custom_House P6280685_street_performer_quincy_market
New England Aquarium:
Leafy Sea Dragon
View in front of the aquarium:
Boston and the Customs House Tower
Street Performer at Quincy Market
P6280690_quincy_market_performer P6280693_Harborfest_music P6280698_Harborfest_music
Street Performer at Quincy Market Boston Harborfest Music Boston Harborfest Music
Street Performer at Quincy Market