ACVP Meeting

P1020261m P1020262m
Gary Coleman and Josh Powe Mark Ackermann and Gary Cockerell
P1020263m P1020266m
Cindy Cockerell, Mark Ackermann and Gary Cockerell Wanda Haschek-Hock, Serena Craft and Cindy Cockerell
P1020268m P1020270m
Sareena Enloe and Susan Fogelson Hirotaka Kondo with pathologists and graduate
students from Japan
P1020272m P1020276m
Barry Cooper and Beth Valentine Betsy Uhl and Janet Patterson Kane
P1020279m P1020282m
David Taylor and wife Bill Iverson, Claus Buergelt and Jim Cooley
P1020284m PC010204_1400
Rose Raskin and John Harvey Sophie Wickins at her poster
PC010206_1200 PC010220_1200
Hirotaka Kondo at one of his posters Shannon Roff
PC030234_1200 PC030240_800
Shannon Roff, Serena Craft and Sophie Wickens
at the CL Davis Awards Reception
Sophie Wickens after receiving
a CL Davis Scholarship Award
John Cullen speaking at the liver pathology section