Torres del Paine:
Because of last minute changes to the group hiking schedules, I was able to hike this route two days in a row under different weather conditions (Friday, hiking day 4 and Saturday, hiking day 5.) On the first day, it was mosly sunny with scattered light snow flurries. On the second day, it was cloudier with occasional light snow flurries.
It had snowed the night before, so the scenery was different. This was my favorite hike of the trip and was a 24 km round trip.

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Hike Day 4: Hiking up the Ascencio Valley above
Refugio Chileno with Yuri, Marina and their son,
Hike Day 4: Ascencio River Day 4: Dani took a photo of me at the base
of the Torres. We ate lunch here
while it was cloudy and windy. I
needed all of the additional layers I
had carried in my backpack to keep warm.
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Day 4: As we were getting ready to leave,
Torres del Paine cleared up for 5 minutes
of postcard perfect conditions.
Day 4: Moraine at the top of the trail to the Torres Day 4: Overlook of the valley and Andes
in the distance on the hike down.
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Day 4: Porcelain orchid (Chloraea magellanica) Hike Day 5: View of the valley with snow from the
previous night on the Andes in the distance
Day 5: Megan works on the perfect photo
with Liza's help. Megan was our
expert group selfie photographer and
kept the humor level up for the entire trek.
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Day 5: Ascencio Valley after snow Day 5: Flowers on the hike Day 5: Liza, Seema, Felix and Nik crossing a
bridge over the Ascencio River on the way up
the Canyon. Liza stops for a photo.
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Day 5: Ascencio Valley Wall Day 5: Ascencio Valley Wall Day 5: Top of the Ascencio Valley
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Day 5: Dog Orchids and snow

Day 5: Torres del Paine in the Snow
This time I carried my wide angle lens.