Dr. Mike Garner's Visit to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Michael Garner, DVM, DACVP, Northwest ZooPath, visited the University of Florida on September 17 through 19 to present pathology seminars and a short course to faculty, residents and veterinary students.

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Mike Garner arrives in style at the University of Florida on
September 17 after riding a Harley Davidson from Virginia to
Florida to present two days of seminars and lectures.
Mike Garner presenting a Noon research seminar at the University
of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine on avian Coxiellosis
and on polyarthritis in Big Brown Bats caused by Poxvirus
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Mike Garner making a point at his Noon research seminar.
Mike Garner with colleague Nancy Stedman after his presentation
to students in the Pathology Club and in the Wildlife, Zoo and
Aquatic Animal Medicine Club on September 18. Also shown are
Club members Lindsey DeFalco, John Rosado, Carla Bernal,
Kim Olson, Tom Seberry and Kirsten Burg as well as Ayden Burg.


Mike Garner completed his visit to Florida with a 4 hour short course on Diseases
of Primates with anatomic pathology residents Serena and Bill Craft,
Sophie Wickins, Shannon Roff and Hirotaka Kondo
Mike Garner with Lisa Farina and Nancy Stedman
after the short course