Paul Gibbs Retirement Reception
University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

A reception was held to celebrate the career of Dr. E. Paul J. Gibbs on the occasion of his retirement from the University of
Florida after 33 years of teaching, research and administration. The reception was held in the new Learning Center that
Dr. Gibbs was instrumental in developing for veterinary students.

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Dr. E. Paul J. Gibbs Dr. Gibbs in the new
Learning Center
Dr. Gibbs with veterinary
students at the reception
01_IMG_2501 01_IMG_2513 01_IMG_2519 01_IMG_2522 01_IMG_2529
Dean Glen Hoffsis Dr. Tony Barbet presents a gift
from the ID&P Department
to Dr. Gibbs
Dr. Tom Holt, State of Florida
Veterinarian, presents an award
to Dr. Gibbs
Dean Hoffsis makes a
presentation to Dr. Gibbs with his
wife (Chris), daughter (Katherine),
and grandson (Alex) looking on
Dr. Gibbs comments on his career
at UF, his plans for retirement and
the future for veterinary medicine
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Posted 3/31/12