2006 Homecoming Celebration at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Alumni were welcomed back by the College community for Homecoming, and we had an opportunity to meet our new Dean, Glen Hoffsis and his wife Lana Hoffsis.

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a_IMG_2467.jpg a_IMG_2470.jpg a_IMG_2485.jpg a_IMG_2489.jpg
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d_GV2S8048 d_GV2S8050 d_GV2S8051 d_GV2S8052
Associate Dean Jim Thompson
introduces Dean Glen Hoffsis
and Lana Hoffsis
d_GV2S8050.jpg d_GV2S8051.jpg d_GV2S8052.jpg
d_GV2S8057 d_GV2S8064 d_IMG_2436 d_IMG_2491
d_GV2S8057.jpg d_GV2S8064.jpg d_IMG_2436.jpg d_IMG_2491.jpg
d_IMG_2496 f_IMG_2417 f_IMG_2476 f_IMG_2482
Glen and Lana Hoffsis
f_IMG_2417.jpg f_IMG_2476.jpg f_IMG_2482.jpg
f_IMG_2487 f_IMG_2505 f_IMG_2521 s_IMG_2413
f_IMG_2487.jpg f_IMG_2505.jpg f_IMG_2521.jpg s_IMG_2413.jpg
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s_IMG_2503.jpg s_IMG_2524.jpg x_IMG_2473.jpg x_IMG_2504.jpg

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posted 7 October 2006