Resident Farewell and Welcome - June/July 2010

Photographs from Resident Farewell and Welcome events in June and July, 2010. In June, Residents in Anatomical Pathology were recognized as they finished the program. In July, new Residents were welcomed to the UF College of Veterinary Medicine.

Residents Finishing the Program:
Drs. Travis Heskett, Ken Conley, Linda Hayes and Ian Hawkins
01_IMG_3455m 01_IMG_3466m
01_IMG_3447.jpg 01_IMG_3455m.jpg 01_IMG_3466m.jpg
New and Continuing Residents:
Drs. David Toplon, Angelique Leone, Serena Craft, Bill Craft
02_IMG_3490m conley_DSC3655
02_IMG_3487m.jpg 02_IMG_3490m.jpg conley_DSC3655.jpg
conley_IMG_3302 hawkins_DSC3639-1 hawkins_IMG_3325m
conley_IMG_3302.jpg hawkins_DSC3639-1.jpg hawkins_IMG_3325m.jpg
hayes_DSC3642-1 hayes_DSC3644-1m hayes_IMG_3275
hayes_DSC3642-1.jpg hayes_DSC3644-1m.jpg hayes_IMG_3275.jpg
heskett_DSC3649-1 heskett_DSC3653 residents_DSC3641
heskett_DSC3649-1.jpg heskett_DSC3653.jpg residents_DSC3641.jpg